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Electrician Long Beach CANeed a licensed Long Beach Electrician for your project. Alexander Electric Company has been contracting electrical services for more than 10 years. Our technicians are fully equipped to handle any type of electrical needs for both residential homes and commercial property. We strive to complete your project with a satisfaction guarantee and that’s promise. Our quotes are affordable and we never add any hidden charges to our electrical work.

Long Beach Residential Electricians

Residential Long Beach ElectricianAccidents and problems with the power in your residential home can occur at any time. This can be a real setback for all that live under your roof. Many times the reasons for electrical problems is due to bad weather. Wind, heat and severe cold puts a strain on your power supply to your home. Our Long Beach residential electrician services will help protect your power supply and keep your lights on in bad weather.

Alexander Electricians for years has been the best option for residential electrical repairs and maintenance in Long Beach, CA. Our master electrical contractors. We are committed to providing the best electrical services and only using the highest quality parts for your project.

Don’t forget to also make sure to protect your house on the outside as harsh weather or unexpected power outages can leave your home vulnerable. Making sure you have back up exterior security lighting will make sure your house is well-lit during electrical outages or an emergency.

There’s nothing more aggravating than having the power in your home constantly go on and off. If this is happening in your home we can help by installing a back up emergency power supply. Our Long Beach master electrician will install the proper back generator for your home. The unit turns on automatically and turns itself off when power back to working normal. Having a back up power generator will make sure your home has electricity 2 hours a day.

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Commercial Long Beach CA Electrician

Commercial Long Beach ElectricianWhen responsible for running a company sooner or later you will encounter a time when your power will go out. This could be for any amount of reasons and one thing for certain is your employees or customers will be left in the dark. Our commercial Long beach electricians will keep your business up to current electrical code standards and make sure your workplace is a safe.

If you’re looking to lower your energy bills we can help by installing sensors in your office to regulate when lights work in restrooms, hallways, lunch and conference rooms. These areas of the office get less use and should the power to these spaces.

Your buildings exterior needs to also be included while securing your interior electrical. If you lose power all inside will need a clear and well-lit exit so that means hallways and walkways should have a secure lighting system in place. In case of any emergencies you can feel safe knowing your employees and building occupants can reach the outside safely.

Many property owners neglect the parking areas around their building. First impressions are vital when conducting business and having a well-lit parking lot. If your concerned about energy costs for keeping your parking lot lit installing low voltage LED lighting is a great solution for the parking ad exterior areas of your building.

Whatever your business is a critical piece of equipment to keep things operating and safely protected is a back up power supply. In emergency  for emergency situations this will help operations run as close to normal as possible should your power go out. The best places to hook up a back up generator are near areas that are vital to keep your business functioning during power outages. Having this extra level of security will come in handy over the years.

The above benefits relay how vital it is to get a licensed commercial electrician to hook up these electrical safeguards. When all set up and protected you will be much safer from any 24/7 emergency electrical services.

Long Beach Industrial Electrician

Industrial Long Beach CA ElectricianMany industrial buildings like manufacturing and research facilities as well as pharma businesses have enjoyed the professional electrical services from our Alexander licensed electricians who’ve been giving the best electrical services in Long Beach for years. All of our Alexander Industrial Electricians are master certified electricians and that means we can handle any size industrial electrical project you have. We are specialists operating in a professional way under strict conduit systems and experts with high-voltage electricity or with VFD’s and PLC’s.

Fire Alarm Safety

Your fire alarm system is not the same system that protected businesses of yesteryear. In today’s times safety is paramount and with the progress made in just a few short years it’s now easier than ever to install fire alarm systems. Our local certified master Electricians in Long Beach now make it stress free to install a fire safety alarm system. From start to finish we help with the planning, installation, certification and permitting.

Certified Long Beach ElectriciansWhen hiring an Alexander licensed Long Beach Electrician you are getting a master licensed electrician that’s capable of handling your industrial electrical competently from start to finish. Besides our industrial work we also handle residential, commercial electrical tasks including 24/7 emergency industrial services where a master electrician can help give relief for your emergency situation.

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Emergency Long Beach Electrician

Emergency Long Beach ElectricianGot an electrical problem or outage that requires an Emergency Long Beach Electrician? See first hand why we are the best and most reliable electricians to call for urgent installations and repairs. Poorly completed electrical installs or repairs are one of the top causes for building fires. What could be worse than an electrical emergency? Having your call to an electric company to help fast resolve your problem only to get a voice mail and then return call several hours later. We have great reviews for our emergency electrical services in Long Beach, CA. We are ready to help all hours seven days a week and can beached at (562) 684-7269

Why Hire Alexander Electricians?

Alexander Electric has within its company some of the most respected electricians in Long Beach. Our affordable electrical services range from emergencies, repairs and installations are unmatched. We keep our mobile fleet of electrician vehicles stocked with only the best parts and tools to needed to complete your project.

Our licensed Long Beach Electricians are proud team members that are ready to help in all situations. From regular services to emergency electrical fixes and repairs we guarantee your experience with our company will be beyond satisfaction.


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