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Wiring Electrician Long BeachWhen looking for a Long Beach CA Electrician to carry out your electrical work it’s best to hire electricians that are qualified to do the work needed for your project. Each week we post tips and info about maintaining your electrical system. This post is about the various types of wiring in your home. First It’s best to understand that different properties are wired differently. And each building has different wiring to do certain tasks. Each wire can handle certain amounts of power and here we will take a look at the various wiring functions of your electrical system. Usually the electrical wire that comes from the top of your outside power pole to your home is a triplex wire or also a main feed wire. These wires you will notice are black and very thick in size due to their heavy-duty insulation to keep them protected from harsh weather.

Licensed Long Beach CA Electrician The wires in your house are different being non-metallic covered wires, single stand or wires made of copper. Wires made from copper are the most pricey option for your home compared to single stand or non-metallic wire. The most used wires our Licensed Long Beach Electricians use in houses are the non-metallic sheathed wires. Just like the other types mentioned the purpose is the same and that’s to get the right level of electricity through your home to the proper sockets and outlets. The wiring your house must meet your local area codes and electrical regulations for buildings. When updating your wiring for your home you will need a home wiring diagram before any approval for your project

Our Long Beach residential electricians are licensed and certified to safely replace and install new wiring in your home. By hiring our electricians you can feel safe knowing that all wiring is to Long Beach code regulations using only the best wiring for your project.

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