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How to Prevent an Electrical Emergency

Emergency Electrician Orange County CAOver the years as Electricians in Orange County and Los Angeles we’ve seen some “shocking” set ups clients had done on their own. Faulty wiring is one of the biggest causes of home fires in the United States. Always talk to an expert who knows electricity before any needed electrical repairs on your house or commercial business. From the most simple tasks like wiring up your ceiling fan to complex electrical industrial high voltage projects like heavy-duty machinery hook ups. One thing is an absolute constant and that’s danger! Here’s a few things to remember to keep you from calling us for an Emergency Electrician late night service call to your Orange County or Los Angeles home or business. We are available 24/7 for all of your emergencies nay or night.

10 Tips To Prevent An Electrical Emergency

  1. Always have licensed electricians install, fix or remove wiring
  2. Check extension cords for wear or rips and tears before using
  3. Regularly inspect electrical tools and equipment
  4. Never do you own changes to wall outlets and sockets
  5. Keep extension cables free from being stepped on
  6. Wires and connections need to always be kept dry
  7. Always use the proper wattage and rated extension cords
  8. Know where your circuit breaker is in case of emergency
  9. Use protective cover plates on all wall outlets and sockets
  10. Replace or repair any faulty electrical equipment

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