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Need trusted Electricians Fountain Valley? Alexander Electric Contractors are masters at installing and repairing any size electrical undertaking. Electricians Newport BeachOur licensed electrician services cover everything from simple residential wiring projects in your home to more complex tasks for commercial and industrial buildings. exterior lighting, high voltage equipment hookups, and just about anything you can think of that requires an electrical hookup we can handle. Our veteran owned company has offered Orange County reliable electricity solutions for over a decade.

Residential Electricians Fountain Valley

  • Electric repairs and troubleshooting
  • Exterior low voltage lighting
  • Ceiling fans and interior lights
  • Wire up new power to wall outlets
  • Washer & dryer high voltage hook up
  • Smoke & carbon monoxide alarms
  • Motion detection and security lighting
  • Main panel upgrades and rewiring

Commercial Electricians Fountain Valley

Commercial Electrician Newport Beach CAWhen it comes to heavy-duty electrical wiring for industrial and commercial buildings in Newport Beach Alexander Electric has master Electricians that are more than capable of competing your job. From start to finish we make sure your electricity is connected safely and up to code. From hiring a construction site electrical foreman to installing and repairing high voltage wiring for your machinery we can help. Some of our commercial services include sub and main panel upgrades, parking lot lighting, industrial equipment hook ups and general electric repairs.

  • New construction projects
  • Main and sub panel boxes
  • Industrial fans and AC units
  • Exterior & parking lot lighting
  • Security & motion detection lights
  • Code violations corrected
  • Annual electrical maintenance
  • Connection and wire testing
  • Solar power conversions
  • Troubleshooting and repairs

Contact Alexander Electric Fountain Valley

From Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and the entire Orange County area our electrical contractors are here to help you with your project. Doesn’t matter the size of the job, big or small we can handle the work for you. If you need someone that’s licensed and has the proper skills to install new electrical in a construction project or a simple task though installing new power outlets call us first. Pick up the phone and give us a call or use our easy contact form to reach out to ask about any questions or concerns you have about your electrical work that you need done.
(949) 945-0687

Long Beach CA Electrician Tips #1

Wiring Electrician Long BeachWhen looking for a Long Beach CA Electrician to carry out your electrical work it’s best to hire electricians that are qualified to do the work needed for your project. Each week we post tips and info about maintaining your electrical system. This post is about the various types of wiring in your home. First It’s best to understand that different properties are wired differently. And each building has different wiring to do certain tasks. Each wire can handle certain amounts of power and here we will take a look at the various wiring functions of your electrical system. Usually the electrical wire that comes from the top of your outside power pole to your home is a triplex wire or also a main feed wire. These wires you will notice are black and very thick in size due to their heavy-duty insulation to keep them protected from harsh weather.

Licensed Long Beach CA Electrician The wires in your house are different being non-metallic covered wires, single stand or wires made of copper. Wires made from copper are the most pricey option for your home compared to single stand or non-metallic wire. The most used wires our Licensed Long Beach Electricians use in houses are the non-metallic sheathed wires. Just like the other types mentioned the purpose is the same and that’s to get the right level of electricity through your home to the proper sockets and outlets. The wiring your house must meet your local area codes and electrical regulations for buildings. When updating your wiring for your home you will need a home wiring diagram before any approval for your project

Our Long Beach residential electricians are licensed and certified to safely replace and install new wiring in your home. By hiring our electricians you can feel safe knowing that all wiring is to Long Beach code regulations using only the best wiring for your project.

How to Prevent an Electrical Emergency

Emergency Electrician Orange County CAOver the years as Electricians in Orange County and Los Angeles we’ve seen some “shocking” set ups clients had done on their own. Faulty wiring is one of the biggest causes of home fires in the United States. Always talk to an expert who knows electricity before any needed electrical repairs on your house or commercial business. From the most simple tasks like wiring up your ceiling fan to complex electrical industrial high voltage projects like heavy-duty machinery hook ups. One thing is an absolute constant and that’s danger! Here’s a few things to remember to keep you from calling us for an Emergency Electrician late night service call to your Orange County or Los Angeles home or business. We are available 24/7 for all of your emergencies nay or night.

10 Tips To Prevent An Electrical Emergency

  1. Always have licensed electricians install, fix or remove wiring
  2. Check extension cords for wear or rips and tears before using
  3. Regularly inspect electrical tools and equipment
  4. Never do you own changes to wall outlets and sockets
  5. Keep extension cables free from being stepped on
  6. Wires and connections need to always be kept dry
  7. Always use the proper wattage and rated extension cords
  8. Know where your circuit breaker is in case of emergency
  9. Use protective cover plates on all wall outlets and sockets
  10. Replace or repair any faulty electrical equipment

Alexander Electric Company has locations in Costa Mesa, Signal Hill, Long Beach, Chino Hills and Los Angeles. Veteran owned and operated with electricians and contractors in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County cities.

Why Hire A Licensed Electrician?

Electrical Contractor Long Beach CAWhen looking for an expert Licensed Electrician its always good to remember safety first! We have seen our share of spotty wiring that was a fire waiting to happen. Besides safety there are many other benefits to hiring a professional electrical contractor. Experience is another reason to hire a professional to do your work. With over a decade of experience doing residential and commercial electrical installs and repairs in Los Angeles, Orange County and Long Beach our AEC contractors have seen it all. Our trusted services provide reliable electrical solutions. Having an electrician that fully understands how your electricity works will keep the lights on and the appliances working. Bad wiring systems can damage appliances and ruin electronic motors leaving you with costly repairs. If you notice lights flickering when using your appliances this could be due to overpowering your circuit. Hiring a licensed electrician will eliminate these problems.

Our qualified Electrical Contractors serve Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We are always nearby to help. Feel safe knowing when hiring an AEC Electrician that your are hiring a state licensed electrician who can install, maintain and repair your commercial or residential electrical system.

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